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12th-Jul-2011 10:43 am - Writer's Block: On the menu
What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Was it any good?


I love it ^^ But I try not to look at it when I'm eating it because it can be off putting lol

Have also had frog's legs, taste like chicken, was okay but I wouldn't eat it again because the thought of eating frogs put me off, they're just so slimy and ewwww
25th-Apr-2011 08:37 pm(no subject)
"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."
15th-Nov-2010 05:38 pm - Writer's Block: Passing the time
What's your favorite thing to do on long car rides?

Watch movies, sleep or sing along to songs on the radio really loudly ^______________^
12th-Oct-2010 05:17 pm - Writer's Block: Good eats
What are your three most and least favorite foods?

Salmon sashimi, cheese and potato <3

I don't like cooked oysters but love them raw, don't like celery and bitter melon. I'm not really fussy about food so there isn't a lot I dislike ^^
What is the nicest thing you've ever done for a stranger? What is the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

When I was young, about 12 or something I used to go to the library a lot after school (yeah geeky I know),  then I would ring my dad from a payphone so he can come pick me up. One day in the Winter I went to call him but I kept forgetting to put the 0171 in front or something like that, and the call didn't go through so I waited outside the phonebox and kept trying. It started to get dark, even though I was on the main road it was still a bit scary and I didn't want to walk home incase he was coming for me. A lady stopped and asked if I was okay and I explained to her that I was trying to get through to my parents but with no luck. She then offered to stand with me incase anything happened, by then I had been waiting for about an hour and I thought about walking home, but I decided to walk to Sainsbury's which is 5 minutes away. I can't remember exactly what happened after but I think I got through to my mum and then I found my dad by Sainsbury's. I'll never forget that lady's kindness, and I felt like a fool afterwards because if only I put the area code in; I wouldn't have been stranded >.<
23rd-Aug-2010 10:51 am - Shoes To Go With A Maxi Dress

I finally found a maxi dress from Krisp that is the right length for me (I'm 5") and doesn't swamp me, it's this dress (in black) but I'm not sure what shoes to wear with them. I need a pair to dress them up and to dress them down, I tried on with a pair of strappy wedges I have but you can see the wedge under the skirt and it doesn't look right for some reason, like it looks better when the hem is skimming the floor if you know what I mean. I think the style of shoes the model is wearing looks ok with it, sort of like tan strappy/gladiator style heels for the dressed up look, and maybe just flip flops to wear it casual. Any suggestions??? I'm so stuck and I desperately want to wear it out soon before it gets too cold lol

9th-Jul-2010 11:40 am - TGIF!!!
i wish summer would never end

I'm so glad it's Friday; the sun is shining and I've got the weekend off ^^

Need to run some errands tomorrow and hopefully fit in a bit of sunbathing, I want to keep my tan! I don't think I should be allowed a debit card anymore, been spending too much online and not keeping track of what I spend >.< damn eBay, HMV, ELF and Cherryculture!!

My Birthday night out was alright, will do a picture post about it later though =)

Ta ta for now!

28th-Jun-2010 09:45 am - Writer's Block: Future forward
What is the best science fiction movie of all time, and why?

Just at the top of my head I would say Men in Black and The Time Machine, I could just watch them again and again ^^
25th-May-2010 02:54 am - Anyone...?
gold rainbow
Forget Lost, who else was disappointed with 90210's season finale?! I know I was =(

Real update coming tomorrow, I can't be bothered right about now.
life is random so am i

So I thought I'd do a comparison swatch post because after yesterday I realised that I had a few NYX colours that looked like my Bourjois ones. NYX eyeshadows are very cheap (about $3 on cherryculture.com) and Bourjois eyeshadows are about £5-6 if I remember correctly. I've had my purple Bourjois eyeshadow for almost 2 years now and it's only just gone flat. That purple colour is my "go to" colour eyeshadow that I usually wear almost everyday. So to me I wouldn't mind shelling out that much for a lil pot of eyeshadow such as a Bourjois one. Anyways, on with the swatches!

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